Speed Chain

Golf Tip

"The Need for Speed"

Golf tips are readily available online, on the Golf Channel, in magazines, in books or
from your buddies at the driving range. Most concern the technical aspects of the
game, some apply to mental facets, some are for the course strategy, and some are
for club fitting and so on. There are so many golf tips on these topics that we don’t
want to put another sand trap in the desert.  

Instead, we would like to introduce the
speed chain.  
How does the speed chain work?
It creates a variable weight resistance which trains for high
acceleration at the initiation of the downswing. Then milliseconds
later near impact, it compels the golfer to produce huge amounts
of force thereby allowing one to increase his/her strength at the
point of contact. .
speed chain
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Other benefits besides speed and power:
-Encourages one to drop in the slot
-Discourages an over the top swing plane (path)
-Synchronizes the body, arms, and hands
-Prevents wrist breakdown at impact
-Improves balance
-Tones muscles
-Ingrains proper muscle memory
-Builds strength and assists in injury prevention
-Improves rhythm in the golf swing
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